Violence in University of Punjab

Violence in Punjab University

The conflict at the University of Punjab could be an angry conflict between students of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba and Pakhtun, especially from Balochistan, who have emerged as a force to reckon with in recent years.

Both parties bring two groups of different values ​​to the campus, and more specifically into the life of protection.

In March, IJT students were accused of interfering in a cultural event organized by Pakhtun students.

It was a confrontation and the police had to intervene. There are some days Pakhtun was fortunate enough to disrupt for students preparations for an event that would celebrate IJT welcoming new students to the university.

Violent clashes have led officials of the police and the Ministry of Education, including the Minister of Higher Education, an urgent solution to seek justice.

The invasion of housing by the police was probably a problem that could be handled better by the University's administration.

Hundreds of students have been called or deported since the last confrontation between the two enemy groups earlier this week.

Angry statements are being exchanged at the time and it seems that more players, including politicians, the situation to be able to use, want to express their opinion.

 Several factors have helped to achieve this unpleasant situation in the PU, especially for those who live in a university hostel.

The most obvious feature is the apparent weakening of the IJT, which has encouraged other groups to question their on-campus mandate.In the absence of student unions, possibly bound by some form of political ideology, theopposition to the IJT has easily gained an ethnic shadow.

And then there is the role that the government plays by the police and other agents.

You can build a case where the police are not enough when the power is needed the most.

If it had been an adequate response to complaints after one of the conflicting parties had tried to present its code in March, it could have been an example to those who started to prevent the confrontation this time.

If the lawsuit would allow the plaintiffs to perceive the police - and the government in general - as an allies detached from thieves. It is a dangerous label that can have serious consequences.