VC of Gomal University in Dera Ismail Khan Faces Allegation of Plagiarism

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mohammad Sarwar is facing allegations of plagiarism charges amid situation of unrest and going on the University. The VC has falsified the allegations though; he refereed them as “baseless”, and said, “The teachers and other staff members of the university who had already been served show-cause notices for their “illegal appointment, incompetence and corrupt practices” have started circulating such reports to save their skin.

The faculty members on the other hand have talked to the media, and stood their stance by stating, “The Ethics Committee, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, vide letter No. 469/Path, dated 23.11.2013 has confirmed the plagiarism of the vice-chancellor.” The faculty member also told the press that the VC Prof Dr. Mohammad Sarwar won civil award, ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ on the basis of plagiarized publications.

The VC talked to the media on phone, he denied all the allegations, saying, “A stern policy against plagiarism is in place in the country. Had I done any plagiarism, I would have been thrown out of job,” he argued. “Plagiarism is an abuse for academicians. I cannot even think of earning abuse for myself.”

The ongoing unrest in the University is because of the tiff between the administration of University and professors. The professors are alleging the VC resolutely, they are firm in their stand, and they told the media that there is financial corruption happening in the University and irregularities in beautification project at the university.

The professors have accused VC of illegal appointments, favoritism and recruitment irregularities. They also said that the VC remains absent from the University and has kept 4 cars illegally for his family with university funds.

The VC replied to these allegations by saying, “They want me to remain out of the university most of the time, but I would stay put at the university. I shifted my family here soon after my appointment,” he argued. He denied keeping five vehicles. “I have only one double cabin, which I use for long travel and a car, which is brought into use locally.”

Furthermore, he said, “Ninety-six of them have already been issued show-cause notices and the case would be put before the syndicate, There are some who had gone abroad for higher studies and returned without completing their PhDs. They are incompetent to take their classes regularly. This was the reason they were creating disturbances to escape possible action against them.”

Gomal University is a public sector University established in 1974.It is oldest University of KPK and is situated in Dera Ismail Khan city. The Gomal University is the 12 th oldest University according to HEC seniority ratings .

It is matter of a great concern, the emerging corruption news in oldest public Universities of Pakistan. The old Universities have more responsibility of keeping the standards of transparency to set an example for new educational institute. In this wave of anti-corruption campaign in Universities, so far big names in educational sector of Pakistan have been found involved; Punjab university, Sindh University and Sargodha University administration are currently facing court hearings.