How the students can get very good marks


Students are getting very good marks. One of the major reasons is access to all old past papers of all subjects

There are many notes and books available in market. These notes provide general overview of the subject. It is seen that students which use notes or handbooks failed to secure good marks in their exam. They use too with ratta system and failed to understand the technicalities of solving paper. Hand books are smart to study but they not cover difficult questions of the exams. Notes are short cut to just pass the exam but not helpful in tackling with conceptual figures. Now students can easily access past papers of all subjects online at They know better the technique to solve answers and thus reading old papers are helping students to get good grade.

Matric all subjects Past papers online:

 Matric students are newbies and not know well about the exams of the board. They don’t even have the practice to present their paper as they never appear in their board exams. Matric students are also getting very good marks in their exams.  Past papers 2018 are the main reason for high grades. The Questions in the paper usually repeat or examiner asks such question by changing the style. Students who practice past papers are well aware of the style of the examiner. They know the strategy to get high marks. Matric online past papers at are much useful for the students. All old papers of matric class are accessible on this site.

 Inter past papers all subjects:

Inter exams are much important for the students. Competition is increasing day by day and merit of the top-ranked universities are going up every year. The reason for this high competition is past papers. Students are now become sharp in revising their subject. Not even students, but academies are also making their final tests from 2018 inter past papers. Students are now well aware of the habit of the examiner. Past papers develop confidence among students. They are now well in managing their time and answering tough questions. That’s why past papers are helping students in getting high marks in their exams. Inter past papers all subjects all boards are available at

 Past papers BA online all universities:

 With, it is quite easy to access all past papers of BA of all universities. Most students who do BA are private candidates and get a high first division in their exam by only studying past papers. In old times, it was too difficult to get even second division in BA but now the trend is changed. Past papers of all subjects of BA are available online to students. Students understand their paper pattern and mark distribution in BA exam. That’s is why past papers are helping students in getting high scores in BA. BA past papers Punjab university and all other universities are available at our site. In Bachelor, questions from the past papers repeat so students who revise their past papers are getting a high score and even positions in their respective colleges and universities.

 Download past papers MBBS, BDS, LLB, MA, MSC:

More you read past papers, more you will get good marks in your exams. At, past papers of master level are available for the students. MBBS past paper,BDS previous papers online are helpful for the students. In the last years, many students even study only past papers for their exam and got success in their university. Long questions in any exam can be solved if you practice headings which you have to use in your exam. Many students get confused in solving short questions. Past papers help students to rightly answer the confusing questions. Nowadays, every student are studying past papers to understand and grip the most frequently asked questions ofthe master exam.