BISEs’ employees reject draft bill for centralised exams


BISEs’ employees reject draft bill for centralised exams

Peshawar: The coordinating council of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of middle and high school rejected the bill, which consists of centralizing the survey system of all school boards in the province.

The Secretary General of the Council, Umer Farooq, said on Wednesday at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Primary Project Council and the secondary research teams finished in 2017 by the provincial government to all about education in the primary and secondary levels, put the education department.

He is concerned that this decision endangers the autonomous status of the Board and that staff will resist at all levels. Officials warned that they would boycott the next graduation exam if their concerns were not resolved.

The Coordination Council affirms that the autonomy of the council must be affected

The event was also the central president of the compromised association Pakistan Tariq Safi, the province of the province president Israr Khan Malgari Babugan President APCA Farman Ali Khan, district of President Mumtaz Ali Khan and the Secretary General of the Private Education Network Assistant Anis Takreem He participated.

Farooq said he would not accept the replacement of the Law on Acts and Acts of Secondary Education of 1990 in the new law. He said that the Peshawar educational organization would be appointed to the Central Unit under the proposed legislation and the autonomous state of all other educational authorities in the province should be eliminated.

He stated that the central education board would work under the supervision of the provincial primary schools and the upper secondary schools.

He said that the provincial government movement has caused concern among employees at all councils.

He noted that the proposed legislation also opposed the federal government's PTI policy of providing public institutions.

The Secretary General said that the interested parties did not have confidence until the bill was completed. He argued that the provincial government introduced this legislation to certain interest groups.

He stated that all the educational boards worked efficiently according to the nineties. He said that the issue of the promotion of workers was ignored in the proposed law. He stated that the income of all councils would be transferred to the Peshawar Board under the new law.

Farooq suggested that the provincial government modify the 1990 legislation instead of repealing it.

He said that all religious seminars would be transferred to the department of EyS, while the number of scholarships awarded to students on the site would be reduced to only three out of ten of the new legislation.

Anis Takreem said the legislation aims to end autonomy in all education councils and open the way for bureaucracy to intervene in their affairs. He said that the bill had been completed by the NGOs without consulting the council leader.

The Heads of State and Government have warned that the staff of all the education committees would start a strike fever if the bill were adopted by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.