Candidates Organized Protests Against Rejection of Degree for Teacher Post

Faisalabad: After the department refuses to make their own titles for teaching positions, they are not accepted for the interviews because several candidates for trainers in English literature and language titles appeared in front of the offices of the education authority Tuesday.

The department has adopted a rigorous policy on examinations and refused to think a few degrees of equivalence to the specific grades announced in the notification.
Likewise, the institution considers education levels for trainers and international relations.
Protestors explained that they learned to teach technology in undergraduate programs. They were in the call to the Prime Minister to intervene.
In December, in December, the Punjab education department announced 774 jobs for nine services for trainees 'assistants through male schools and 652 girls' schools and NTS tests. 15 046 candidates have applied to these slot machines. Only applicants are called interviews and their titles are specified in the job description in the ad. He said that the first candidates were allowed to enter the entrance exams and then learned that their grades did not match those titles. in business message.
A few months ago, the Punjab Public Service Commission stated that vacancies for professors, assistants and faculty members were open and categorical licenses could apply. Dozens of students said they had to grease the staff of the training department to confirm a copy of the NTS credit card. After the presentation of the documents to the education department, most of the candidates said they received the original NTS cards.
The first applicants submitted their documents to NTS and presented the same document to the education department.
The Punjabi government has opened a website to confirm the escrow list, but the site often crashes due to heavy visits. Commissioner Salman Ghani, director of district education director, said that the criteria for each position were clear and that candidates would not be allowed to take tests that did not meet their criteria.