The KU Improper Admission Process Concerns the Students

At the University of Karachi thousands of students were surprised by the admissions process for the new session due to the opening of inexperienced members to join the trial.

The University Administration admitted that the access process to the university was inadequate, but the members of the Admissions Committee can not solve these problems. There are no errors in submitting applications through the university website, or any mechanism for correcting the mistakes the applicants make.

In addition, the Admissions Committee changed its admission policy during the admissions process, which is missing by the admissions director. Due to this inadequate exercise, many students disqualified successfully completed the entrance test conducted by National Test Services last month from the admission process.

The Admissions Committee also changed the transition rate for the entrance exam from 50 percent to 40 percent. The majority of applicants, after some colleges failed to achieve 50% of the entrance examination, the Admissions Committee decided to reduce the final percentage.

In addition, the percentage of the university entrance examination was determined by percentage of the average grade for each student, and the average of these exams determined the degree of acceptance.

This policy change, the success rate is kept low, the moderate rates of interest are lacking an application that is very high, low profit, allows the opportunity to request a higher percentage only partially.

Adnan Han, who applied for access to the Department of Computer Science, said he paid $ 3,300 to get the entrance exam to The News. "The exam I passed 52 points, but after the change of admission committee adopted the policy, he departed from the registration process, this is an injustice since the CO earlier agreed to register on the basis of approved entrance examination" has promised.

He said that the university administration pays a large fee for each island, but has to go to the next entrance test for most night programs.

Another student, Muhammad Ahsan, said that he stated before the general process accepted the application principle, but the adoption committee of the year, during the adoption process, is not only illegal but also the policy has changed unethical.

Unfortunately, the administration of the university can not restore its old entry policy, although it has requested approval of assumptions from some students who failed previously.

"I contacted the high CO officials, but they told me that the request for the evening program is not my fault," Ahsan, who leads the applicants, told the university that no one plans.

A senior official at the KU official acknowledged that the "inexperienced" members of the admissions committees were condemned by a gaffe. Chancellor of the Chancellor, Prof.dr. Mohammed Ajmal Khan, said: "This year, there were some mistakes the Committee made during the uptake process."

The KU said that the online admission system was established this year and that the applicants solve the problems. "We receive most complaints, but KU can not reverse the acceptance process now."

Director of approval of the University of Copenhagen Prof. dr. Muhammad Ahmad Kadri, same opinion who had an official visit to China, KU Adm. Dr. It was expressed by Muhammad Ahmad Qadri; Therefore, the other members took important decisions about the uptake process. But the official said that the university created a committee to investigate complaints.

KU spokesman Muhammad Farooq said the admission committee had accepted the rights. "The students who passed the talent test were evaluated to prepare the final list of achievements in the half-time exam, so acceptance was accepted for the students who achieved the highest percentage."

The Commission's approved methodology is explained: "The entrance test was declared eligible for trademarks at least 40 percent of those considered. However, the list of recent skills was prepared by combining each percent of student access evidence with a moderate percentage of exam."